Who is Chapel of the Cross?

The Chapel of the Cross is an Episcopal Church in the Anglican tradition, founded in the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord. The Episcopal Church is one branch of this Anglican Communion that has existed since the Church in England became the Church of England as part of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.

“Episcopal” means that we have bishops who oversee a diocese (a geographical area). We are in the Diocese of North Carolina which comprises almost 125 congregations from Tarboro to Charlotte. Our Bishop is The Rt. Rev. Samuel Rodman and the Suffragan is The Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple.

Worship and prayer are at the heart of our life at the Chapel of the Cross and are essential to the essence of our life and mission both as individuals and as a parish. Our worship is based on the services found in the Book of Common Prayer. We are both bound together and sent forth by liturgy.

From its beginning in 1842, the ministry of the Chapel of the Cross has been intimately connected with its neighbor, the University of North Carolina. University ministry remains a central focus for us today. This is an exciting time for the Church in this community. A new Episcopal congregation, the Church of the Advocate, has been established in Orange County and our diocese is embarking on an increased missionary emphasis. We hope you will find the Chapel of the Cross to be a vibrant, nurturing, parish home.

In order to know Christ and to make Him known, we place a high priority on Christian education, outreach, and pastoral care. By providing Christian education for all ages, we attempt to know Christ better and to follow His will for our lives. Through our outreach ministries, we strive to make Christ’s love known in our world. Our pastoral care ministries carry out our baptismal covenant to heal, reconcile, and strengthen our Christian community, with clergy and lay people working together.

Mission Statement

The Chapel of the Cross welcomes you with an open door. We are:

  • Called by tradition and mission to minister in the heart of the University and local community
  • Committed to the sacramental worship of God, engaging the richness and beauty of Anglican liturgy and music
  • Growing as disciples of Jesus through preaching, teaching, service, and fellowship
  • Bringing Gospel witness to the world.

Vision Statement

The Chapel of the Cross is an active faith community, expressing the full breadth, power and beauty of the Anglican tradition through our liturgy and worship.  We are called to equip and inspire parishioners to live out their faith by:

  • Growing as Christians through education, worship, music, and healing compassion;
  • Creating a living embodiment of Christian community with a sense of belonging, fellowship, support and engagement
  • Welcoming all who come to COTC, encouraging diversity, practicing inclusiveness and hospitality;
  • Sharing our faith, values and voice with the community, university, diocese and beyond and translating these into action;
  • Sustaining our church by being strong stewards of our people and staff, facilities and financial resources as we grow and change.