Stewardship Reflection Questions

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Take some time to consider these questions raised by Erin & Bill Langston’s Stewardship Reflection on November 6th.

  • Giving from a place of abundance can conquer the fear of not having enough.  When have you overcome your fears to give generously, and felt that a gift had been given back you?
  • The Chapel of the Cross is built on the faith and vision of many who have come before us—the Saints we remember today.  What Saints in your life have made a difference to you and your family?
  • What are some times when you wish you had been bolder in your life? What are some times when your faith in the face of the unknown was rewarded?


Take some time to consider these questions raised by David Dasher’s Stewardship Reflection on October 30th.

  • Our physical bodies play an important role in our worship—we stand to witness baptismal and wedding vows, we kneel to confess our sins, and we move forward to the altar to take communion.  What are some of the ways you physically feel a part of the congregation of the Chapel of the Cross?
  • At baptisms and again at confirmation, the whole congregation renews the baptismal covenant.  In what ways are you fulfilling the baptismal covenant at the Chapel of the Cross, in the community, and in the  wider world?
  • Whenever we witness a baptism, a wedding, or a Confirmation liturgy, the congregation is asked to affirm the participants with a hearty, “We will!”  What does that “We will!” mean to you?  Is your pledge of support to the Chapel of the Cross another way of saying “We will”?


Take some time to consider these questions raised by Dick Taylor’s Stewardship Reflection on October 23th.

  • Our ancient Anglican tradition is characterized by the special rhythm of the liturgical year.  What time of year, and what special services, touch you most deeply? How does the Chapel of the Cross enrich your worship experience?
  • Matthew says, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be.”  What organization or institution earns your most generous contributions? How has philanthropic giving heightened your relationship with COTC?
  • What about being an Episcopalian, and a member of COTC, do you want most strongly to pass on to those who come after us?  How has giving abundantly deepened your growth as a Christian?


Take some time to consider these questions raised by Perri & Carter Kersh’s Stewardship Reflection on October 16th.

  • As one reviews the budget, one gleans a sense of the priorities for mission and ministry at COTC.  What areas of mission and ministry are “underrepresented” at COTC that should be strengthened with a successful annual campaign?
  • Personnel costs are a large part of the COTC budget. Our staff are the heart and soul of every program, ministry and mission of COTC.  Which staff members—clergy and lay—have made a difference in the ways you and your family participate in the life of the church?
  • What do you remember as a child about money and giving to your church, to other endeavors in your community and the wider world?  What did your mother and father do and say about your family’s “treasure” that you retain to this day?  What would you want your children to remember about the way you “keep, hold, give away, and share” your treasure today?  Do you openly discuss the “treasure” your family has with your children?


Take some time to consider these questions raised by Philip Beal’s Stewardship Reflection on October 9th.

  • What five adjectives would you use to describe yourself to a new acquaintance?
  • Was Christian one your adjectives? If not, might this be an opportunity for Chapel of the Cross to deepen our ministry?
  • What passion or ministry fuels your gift to the annual fund each year?  What do you hope COTC will accomplish with your pledge?


Take some time to consider these questions raised by Andrew Joyner’s Stewardship Reflection on October 2nd.

  • Think about the chain of relationships you have at the Chapel of the Cross.  Trace that chain—from the first people you met, to the folks they introduced you to, and the people you have introduced others to.  What is special about your chain?
  • How has attendance at the Chapel of the Cross changed your life?
  • Who have you met, volunteered with, or worshipped with who has made a difference to how you view the world?