Creation Care

Believing that all creation is interconnected and that grace is present in all of God’s creation, we commit to take an active and holistic approach to environmental stewardship through education, service, and sustainable practices.
– The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina (Chartered Committee on Environmental Ministry)

Echoing the commitment of our parent diocese, The Chapel of the Cross welcomes individuals who share concerns about the environment and our place in it to join our Creation Care Committee.  The committee is parishioner-established and parishioner-led, offering opportunities to contribute through service, education and interfaith advocacy.

The Creation Care Committee has set four goals.

  • The COTC will continue to reduce its carbon footprint and waste.
  • Parishioners will be encouraged and supported to live a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Those impacted by environmental degradation will be supported.
  • Parishioners will be supported in witnessing in the community and to policy and decision makers.

To learn more, you are invited to contact our Creation Care Committee chair: Neil Pedersen (neilgpedersen@gmail.comand read the Goals and Strategies document that the Vestry approved in June, 2019.

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