Outreach Ministry Committee Mission, Bylaws, & Membership

The Outreach Ministry Committee is charged by the vestry with focusing the outreach ministry of the parish by supporting individual ministries, promoting educational opportunities, reviewing funding requests, and making recommendations for expenditures to the vestry.

The mission of the Outreach Ministry Committee is to serve God by showing Christ’s ever-present love, justice, and mercy through leadership and service in local ministry. The committee promotes responsible stewardship in the parish through education, outreach activities, and charitable giving.

The Outreach Ministry Committee was chartered by the Vestry of Chapel of the Cross in 1989 in response to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission “to go into all the world.”

The Outreach Ministry Committee drew up formal by-laws in 2009 to clarify the purposes, membership, meetings, voting and other functions and procedures of the committee.

The Outreach Ministry Committee is composed of 12-24 parishioners. Included in the committee are our parish deacons and a representative from the Vestry. Parishioners are always welcome to attend committee meetings which are held the first Sunday of each month during the academic year, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Parishioners interested in joining the committee or learning more about committee activities may contact the parish office or committee chair Meg Flournoy.