Johnson Intern Program

The Johnson Intern Program, which began in 2000 under the sponsorship of the Chapel of the Cross, is now in its 10th year of service to our community. The program provides young adults a post-baccalaureate opportunity to serve a 10-month working experience in local partnership organizations committed to social justice combined with leadership training, spiritual formation in the Servant- Leadership model, and life in an intentional Christian community.

Parishioners serve on the board of directors, mentor the interns, participate in the leadership training programs, and contribute financially. In addition to having its office in the church, the JIP program is actively supported, financially and otherwise, by the vestry.

The Johnson Intern Program received a three-year award from the Trinity Grants Program (Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church) to support the development of its curriculum for spiritual formation using the Servant Leadership model. Additional financial support came from the Strowd Roses Foundation.

The Johnson Intern Program is inter-denominational in its leadership, its recruitment of interns, and its service to the community. Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Quaker, Lutheran, Mennonite, Episcopal, and Evangelical are among the faith backgrounds of current and past interns. All of the partnership organizations in which the interns are placed have a mission dedicated to social justice. Watty Bowes, Tricia Lindley