Opus 82 – A.D. 2006 – Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd.

“The organ is in truth the grandest, the most daring, the most magnificent of all instruments invented by human genius. It is a whole orchestra in itself. It can express anything in response to a skilled touch. Surely it is, in some sort, a pedestal on which the soul poises for a flight forth into space, essaying on her course to draw picture after picture in an endless series, to paint human life, to cross the Infinite that separates Heaven from Earth! And the longer a dreamer listens to those giant harmonies, the better he realizes that nothing save this hundred-voiced choir on earth can fill all the space between kneeling men and a God hidden by the blinding light of sanctuary. Out of the dim daylight, out of the dim silence broken by the chanting of a choir in response to the thunder of the organ, a veil is woven for God and the brightness of His attributes shone through it.”
– Honoré de Balzac

“For me, the search for a good organ is a part of the search for truth.”
– Albert Schweitzer

The new Dobson organ installed in our historic chapel in the spring of 2006 is the first organ to have been designed and scaled specifically to that space. The case of the organ is inspired by extant examples of American organ building from the 1840s, and incorporates decorative details from the original fabric of the chapel itself, such as Ogee arches and a quatrefoil motif from the gallery railing.

Tonally the organ has the rich and full sound found on organs from the later 19th century, but with a specification suitable for the more sophisticated range of organ literature played in the 20th and now 21st centuries.

Like all Dobson Organs Opus 82 is meticulously crafted, beautifully voiced and finished, and seems completely at home in its setting. May it long resound to the glory of God, and inspire the faith, hope, and love of all who seek Him at the Chapel of the Cross.



  • 8′ Prestant partly in façade 58 pipes
  • 8′ Chimney Flute 58 pipes
  • 4′ Octave 58 pipes
  • 2′ Super Octave from (Mixture)
  • IV Mixture 2′ 232 pipes
  • 8′ Trumpet 58 pipes
  • Tremulant (affects entire instrument)
  • Swell to Great
  • Swell to Great 16′

SWELL (II, expressive)

  • 8′ Stopped Diapason 58 pipes
  • 8′ Salicional 58 pipes
  • 4′ Spire Flute 58 pipes
  • 2 2/3′ Nasard 58 pipes
  • 2′ Gemshorn 58 pipes
  • 1 3/5′ Tierce 58 pipes
  • 8′ Oboe 58 pipes
  • Tremulant affects entire instrument


  • 16′ Subbass 32 pipes
  • 8′ Bourdon 12 pipes
  • 16′ Bassoon 32 pipes
  • 8 Trumpet 12 pipes
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal