David Yates

David Yates, former rector.

The Rev. Yates was a North Carolina native who spent the majority of his life and ministry in the South. He served as rector of Chapel of the Cross beginning April 1945 until September of 1959, when he became rector at Otey Memorial Church in Sewanee, Tennessee. The Rev. Yates insisted as rector that a Christian community was obligated to pray for the enemy and respect the rights of conscientious objectors, however difficult, during World War II. He was also deliberate to ensure that people of color were welcomed in the parish long before most institutions were integrated. It was once said that while he was rector, more students from our parish went into the ministry than from any other parish in the country at the time. In June, 2000, a parishioner submitted an updated memoir of the Rev. Yates, the text of which is available here.