My Spiritual Awakening

My Spiritual Awakening – the Lilly Grant received by the Chapel of the Cross works to help people “from the cradle of the university to the grave” to discern how God is calling them into a life of service in Christ’s kingdom.

Opportunities to mentor or receive mentoring, our popular monthly Speaker Series, and our upcoming 2019 Vocare Conference are some of the ways that this grant helps parishioners and community members discern God’s call in their lives.

The 2nd Annual Chapel of the Cross Speaker Series begins in September.  The purpose of this speaker’s series is to meet with and receive inspiration from people whose chosen work has been discerned and manifested by the radiance of the spiritual in their lives, who have heard a calling—through whatever form—and whose lives have unfolded—no matter what diversion their paths have taken—into lives of integrated work, service, and spiritual insight.  The fall schedule of speakers will be September 11th, October 9th, and October 30th.  All events will be held in the Chapel beginning at 5:30 p.m. All are welcome!