Excellence in sacred music offered to the glory of God is one of the hallmarks of our parish’s liturgical life. Whether you are a practicing musician or a dedicated listener, there is an important place for you in the music of the church.

While most of our music making at the Chapel of the Cross involves direct and robust participation by all members of the congregation, there are many opportunities for disciplined and prayerful listening: organ voluntaries, anthems and motets, occasional choral settings of the “ordinary” of the Eucharist and the canticles, as well as special kinds of services such as Evensong and Compline in which the “holiness of beauty” can be experienced in heightened ways. Our music is never intended simply to entertain, but always aims to draw people into the deeper realities of God. We hope you will enjoy this introduction to our music and that you will be inspired to join in divine music making here at our church or wherever you may be.

Each week during the school year approximately one hundred singers of all ages and levels of ability and experience come together for the express purpose of creating something beautiful for God.  The pursuit of a high and consistent standard of excellence in church music requires discipline and constant hard work, and our choristers gladly (most of the time!) commit themselves to this challenge. Participation in the choirs serves many other purposes:

  • association with a small, intentional Christian community within a larger parish
  • fun and fellowship on a regular and dependable basis
  • learning great music and being deepened as a person
  • developing an “ear” for music
  • learning musical skills and cultivating the voice
  • giving back to others something uniquely beautiful and beneficial to their souls
  • forming life-long habits of personal responsibility and shared commitment to a larger purpose

New singers are welcome. We also welcome the participation of volunteer organists for the 5:15 p.m. Sunday services throughout the year and the 8:00 a.m. service during the summer. Contact David Eaton for more information.

Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord!