Adult Inquirers’ Class

Adult Inquirer’s Course


Are you interested in living more fully into your Baptism ?


Are you invested in learning more about the Episcopal tradition with possible transfer of membership from another tradition?


Are you hoping to be confirmed when the Bishop visits in the spring?


Are you longing to renew your baptismal covenant in a more formal way of preparation?


If you answered YES to any of these questions the Adult Inquirer’s Course is for you.


The foremost purpose of the course is to create community, as well as to explore the breadth and depth of the Episcopal way and to prepare for confirmation.  The course planners hope it will stimulate conversation, raise provocative questions rather than provide all the answers, and empower Inquirers to “take up the cross and follow Jesus of Nazareth.”

Regular participation is expected, understanding that participants may occasionally have conflicts.  The course organizers also strongly encourage attendance at worship on principal feast days.  If desired, Inquirers will be assigned a Shepherd who serves as a resource for the journey and a connection with the larger community.

Classes begin in January 2020. For further information or to sign up contact, The Rev. Noah Van Niel at