Support & Care

Pastoral Care is taking care of each other, living out in considered action the second commandment of Jesus—to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Chapel of the Cross places a high priority on pastoral care for all ages who participate here. Moreover, we encourage everyone to be involved who can—this is a wonderful opportunity for lay ministry.

With the leadership of the clergy, the whole parish expresses its care for one another through prayer, understanding, and support. Except for funeral service arrangements (which only the clergy handle), in each of these pastoral ministries, a dedicated, trained, and coordinated team of parishioners provide the following:

Good Samaritan Guild

Short-term assistance to parishioners recuperating from injury, surgery, or other crisis. Help might involve providing transportation to a medical appointment, doing grocery shopping, providing respite for caregivers, delivering a casserole, running an errand, or doing some other helpful task. In addition, the Guild manages a loan closet of medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, etc.).

Requests for help from the guild should be directed to one of the clergy or to the parish office, who will then contact the Good Sams coordinator on duty, who will in turn organize the assistance with the other guild members.

Guild members determine how often and in what ways they assist according to their own schedules and abilities. They receive the satisfaction of helping another person or a family in need. They get to know parishioners otherwise unmet. They also experience the joy of being part of a caring community. Contact Peggy Pratt

Guild of the Christ Child

The Guild of the Christ Child is a group of parishioners who welcome new babies into our parish. Please contact Jennifer Adams if you are expecting or adopting a baby, or if you wish to make baby blankets for our youngest parishioners. Contact Jennifer Adams, Guild of the Christ Child

Naomi’s Network

A group of parish widows that gathers episodically for fun, for support, and for service. Contact Nancy Tunnessen

Support Team Ministry

Longer-term assistance for those confronting chronic, terminal, or other critical health situations. This is a ministry incorporating trained teams of parishioners, friends, and neighbors to extend spiritual and emotional support and practical assistance to people in need of long-term care, using the model originally developed by the Support Team Network of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and supported locally by Project Compassion.

The team provides on-going attention and coordinated care to those who need a variety of assistance, which may include needed social contact, light housekeeping, running errands, reading aloud, or being an exercise partner. The team provides coordinated care for the person in need and mutual support for fellow team members. Contact Vicky Jamieson-Drake

Parish Visitors: Ministry to the Homebound

The Parish Visitors are a group of lay people who regularly visit parishioners who, due to infirmities or limited physical ability, are no longer able to attend church on a regular basis. A friendly visit from fellow parishioners helps alleviate the sense of isolation and loneliness commonly experienced by those who are homebound. All are reminded that they are valued members of our parish family and integral to the Body of Christ.

Parish Visitors make their visits as individuals or as teams of two. This simple but rewarding ministry is one in which all ages can participate. A visit from a child as well as an adult can bring much delight. Team members decide how much time they are willing to commit. The Visitors meet for an hour once a month with the Rev. Victoria Jamieson-Drake (Associate for Pastoral Ministry) to plan their visits and discuss any concerns or needs of which they have been made aware.

To volunteer for this ministry, or to refer someone who may enjoy a visit, please contact (by email or by phone) either Vicky Jamieson-Drake (919-929-2193).

Prayer Circle

Regular, intercessory prayers for anyone in special need who has been identified to the church. This group of parishioners prays regularly for anyone in need of healing or who has a special concern or thanksgiving. The names of those prayed for are conveyed through email or phone calls, weekly announcements in the Sunday bulletin or in the Notes from the Chapel of the Cross email, and through the monthly Prayer Letter. Confidential prayer requests may be communicated to the parish office (919-929-2193) or to a member of the clergy.

In addition to committing themselves to this ministry of intercession, the prayer circle members meet the third Wednesday of each month to pray the Noonday office, share prayer needs, and support one another in our prayer ministry. Our group is always open to new members. If you would like to become a member of the Prayer Circle, please contact the Rev. Victoria Jamieson-Drake


Additional Elder Ministry

Growing with Our Aging Parents

For children of aging parents, a support group on the first Sunday of the month during adult education time (10:20 – 11:05 am). The group is facilitated by parishioner and clinical psychologist Ann Baker. For more information contact Ann via email or call the parish office (919-929-2193).

Volunteer opportunities for elders

Elders in the parish interested in offering their time or talents to the Chapel of the Cross community are warmly invited to volunteer for any of the many organizations operating within the parish. Call the parish office or the Rev. Victoria Jamieson-Drake on 919-929-2193 for more information on these or other opportunities to be of service to others.

Funeral Service Arrangements

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