Support & Care

Pastoral Care is taking care of each other, living out in considered action the second commandment of Jesus—to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Chapel of the Cross places a high priority on pastoral care for all ages who participate here. Moreover, we encourage everyone to be involved who can—this is a wonderful opportunity for lay ministry.

With the leadership of the clergy, the whole parish expresses its care for one another through prayer, understanding, and support. Except for funeral service arrangements (which only the clergy handle), in each of these pastoral ministries, a dedicated, trained, and coordinated team of parishioners provide the following:


Altar Flower Delivery

Altar flowers are rearranged into small bouquets Monday mornings.  The flowers are delivered with a card to parishioners with assurance of our prayers and as an expression of our concern for their well-being, gratitude for special service, or congratulations for joyful occasions.  Flower delivers take arrangements to parishioners’ residences or hospital, leaving them on the door step or at the hospital lobby desk.  Please contact Mary Guckes: if you wish to help with this ministry.  Flower deliverers take these bouquets Monday morning, after 10:30.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors take the Sacrament of Holy Communion to parishioners who, due to infirmities or limited physical ability, are unable to attend corporate worship.  Through this ministry, those who are visited are assured they remain valued members of our parish family and are integral to the Body of Christ.  “We who are many are one body, as we all share one bread, one cup.”  Eucharistic Visitors serve at the invitation of the Rector after a process of discernment.  Special training is required.  Please contact the Rector if you feel called to this ministry.

The Good Samaritan Guild

Good Sams offers a variety of support for fellow parishioners experiencing short term needs following hospitalization or other life disruptions. Volunteers may bring home-cooked soups or casseroles, run errands, provide transportation to an appointment, and write notes to parishioners in our weekly prayers to let them know of the availability of Good Sams support.  They also manage a loan program for medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc.  Volunteers chose what activities they enjoy doing.  The time commitment is flexible with a variety of roles including weekly callers/note writers and monthly dispatchers.  To volunteer, please contact Peggy Pratt –

Guild of the Christ Child

This group welcomes new babies into our parish by bringing small gifts such as a cradle cross, baby blanket, family prayer book, and a meal to the family.  The Young Parent Bible Study provides a core group of volunteers, but others are invited to join this joyful ministry of delivering gifts.  The time commitment is very flexible.  To volunteer contact Boykin Bell –

Naomi’s Network

A group of parish widows that gathers episodically for fun, for support, and for service. Contact Nancy Tunnessen –

Prayer Ministry

A prayer list is published in our Sunday service bulletins and Friday email so all parishioners may pray for the those who have requested our prayers throughout the week.  Due to space consideration, the list is limited to parishioners and their family members, and are not published without permission.  Names remain on the list for three weeks unless the request is renewed.  To request prayers contact Ellen Cole –  Please secure permission from the person whose name you are submitting.  You may also add prayer requests to the weekday service prayer list located in the vestibule between the chapel and the parish hall lobby.

The Support Team Ministry

The ministry follows the model developed by the Support Team Network of the University of Alabama (Birmingham) Medicine Pastoral Care department.  A support team is a group of trained volunteers who use a coordinated approach to meet practical, emotional, and spiritual concerns of people with on-going health challenges.  In addition to being comprised of parishioners, a team easily incorporates friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  The Team approach allows for the streamlining of communication of needs from the person and the coordination of the assistance a team gives.

Funeral Service Arrangements

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