Chapel of the Cross wins Green Grant

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The Chapel of the Cross has won a $5000 Green Grant from the NC Episcopal Church Foundation for the replacement of the boiler that makes the hot water for our HVAC system. The grant request was written by Alan Rimer, former chair of the buildings and grounds committee and COTC’s project representative for the parish house project.

The Green Grants Program is an incentive that helps congregations make physical plant improvements that will conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and shrink carbon footprint. The program encourages faithful stewardship of the earth God has created.

The Chapel of the Cross achieved significant operational savings in energy use when it constructed its new building three years ago. The increased capital costs to save those operational dollars has proven to be a wise decision. Energy consumption (electricity and natural gas) rose only slightly (less than 7%) although we increased total square footage of our facilities from 36,249 to 61,024 square feet (about 68% increase.) This was in large part due to more efficient lighting, excellent insulation in the new construction, and a very efficient HVAC system.

At the time, the only element of the HVAC system which was not replaced was our steam boiler. That boiler was downgraded to create hot water only, but not replaced because it had useful service life.  Meanwhile, we planned for eventual replacement of the boiler by setting aside capital dollars and funding a deferred maintenance program to keep our facilities in excellent condition.  The replacement of the aging boiler is estimated to reduce our natural gas costs by more than 35%.

Congratulations to everyone involved in securing this grant!