Altar Flowers – A Beautiful Gift


Week in and week out, beautiful flowers grace the altars of our church and chapel.  Our altar guild receives loose flowers every week and arranges them for regular services as well as for weddings and funerals. Donating altar flowers is a simple way to honor a loved one, glorify God, and beautify the altar.  You can choose any Sunday or let the altar guild select an open Sunday for you.  Flowers can be donated in honor of a living person or in memory of someone who has died, in celebration of an anniversary or other milestone, or in thanksgiving for friends or family. Their names will appear in the bulletin on the Sunday you select.  If you prefer, you can simply give the flowers to the Glory of God. You can request special colors or types of flowers—although a very pricey or unseasonal blossom may incur an extra charge from the florist.  After the flowers are removed from the altar, they are divided and rearranged and sent to the sick and the recovering, the stressed and the strained, the celebrating  and the sad, at the direction of the clergy.  They are truly a gift that touches many people!


Please consider a donation to the flower fund today.  Flowers for the church are $150; flowers for the chapel are $100.  We can offer these very reasonable prices because our flower guild does the arranging with love and great skill.  Our online donation link enables you to select a Sunday or Holy Day, indicate whether you would like to put flowers in the church or the chapel, list the names of those you are honoring or memorializing, give any special instructions, and pay for it with your credit or debit card.  Of course you can do the same with a check and a note as well!

Follow this link to make a donation to the flower fund today.